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2 Sep, 2020 11:18

Male suicide is at a 20-year high. Given that the world hates us, is anyone surprised?

Male suicide is at a 20-year high. Given that the world hates us, is anyone surprised?

New official records reveal men in the UK are killing themselves at record levels and at a rate three times higher than women. Waging a war against straight, white males and calling masculinity “toxic” isn’t helping.

Increasingly, men would rather die than live in the modern world.

That’s not melodrama, overstatement or embellishment on my part – it’s a cold, hard, depressing fact.

New data published on Tuesday by the Office for National Statistics found that male suicide has soared to a 20-year record high. 

Specifically, there were 5,691 suicides registered in England and Wales during 2019, with a rate of 11 deaths per 100,000 people.

Men accounted for three quarters of these – 4,303, compared with 1,388 women. And this is all before coronavirus had us locked down with our torments – and sometimes, our tormentors.

Most notably, it’s middle-aged men, 45 to 49 years old, who are most likely to end their lives. And, according to the ONS, it’s partly their own fault...

“Generally, higher rates of suicide among middle-aged men in recent years might be because this group is more likely to be affected by economic adversity, alcoholism and isolation,” they said in their report. “It could also be that this group is less inclined to seek help.”

What a load of b*****ks.

Even if this were partly true, it fails to acknowledge the much bigger factor in men’s deaths: the constant, nagging anti-male sentiment that now dominates modern culture, everywhere from classrooms to courthouses.

After all, there is no demographic more despised than men. Forget ISIS militants and convicted sex offenders, it’s ‘cis’ men who are public enemy number one.

If you’re male, you’re the enemy. But if you’re female, you’re the future.

This is the narrative that’s been building steadily over the past few decades. And it’s no coincidence that male suicide has grown alongside it.

Years ago, back in the 1970s, the rates of male suicide were much lower. Simultaneously, the views of hardcore feminists only existed on the fringes of society. They did not have a huge effect on government policy or media narratives. They did not dominate news agendas or skew the reporting of global health pandemics, such as Covid-19.

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Now, fifty years on, the exact opposite is true – most things are designed to benefit, celebrate or protect women. Usually at the expense of men.

As a consequence of this, there are very few spaces where we can exist without endless criticism, ridicule and disrespect.

It’s this harsh reality, not “isolation” or “alcoholism” or being “less inclined to seek help,” which explains why so many men are giving up. Quite frankly, the war against them is exhausting. And it starts early...

Back in 2017, The Times newspaper ran a feature called “How to raise boys to be (decent) men,” which was full of advice on how to build “feminist” men who rejected maleness.

Naturally, there was no equivalent guide for women.

And this is precisely the problem.

See, women are deemed virtuous and inherently good, regardless of what they do in life. Even if they never achieve anything, they’re still valued by society. Their lives are given automatic, inherent worth. Merely existing makes them special.

Boys, on the other hand, only have value while they are young. As soon as they stop being children, they are judged on their utility as men – usually, this equates to how much money they can earn and provide; either to the state or to women.

Once men have been rendered useless, either by an employer or an ex-wife, they’re conditioned to feel their presence is of little worth.

Worse still, this false feeling is compounded by the wider narrative.

Fortunately, I’ve never been suicidal, but if I ever were, I’ve no doubt that the world’s hatred of my gender would be enough to push me over the edge.

Sometimes, when I see such indifference towards the growing numbers on male suicide, I wonder if that was the plan all along...

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