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19 Jul, 2020 16:40

From ‘blacks riding white penises’ to ‘let the white man do it,’ BLM videos show movement’s bigoted underbelly

From ‘blacks riding white penises’ to ‘let the white man do it,’ BLM videos show movement’s bigoted underbelly

The way BLM and the leftist milieu their protests attract tell it, they’re waging a just war against a racist system of oppression. The reality is that they’re full of oppressive bigots with a terrifying vision of mob justice.

In a bizarre video captured in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night, a man who goes by the name of ‘Princess’ was punched by a Black Lives Matter protester, allegedly for the crime of being flamboyantly gay. Both Princess and his attacker are black.

Once Princess was punched, protesters descended on his attacker and held him as they debated how to mete out justice. Some thought a black man should punch him. Others argued that punching him was a crime, and a white man should take the fall, because oppression, and systemic something or other.

“Let the white man do it,” one black woman shouted. A white man did eventually step up to the plate and punch the man, and mob justice was served.

Was anything about this encounter fairer or more just than the criminal justice system that BLM wants abolished? Because abolishment is what they want, and this is not just a fringe position among their more loudmouth activists. The Black Lives Matter Global Movement lists defunding police departments as a top priority, and they’re winning. 

Just ask the NYPD, who’ve seen their plainclothes unit disbanded, a billion dollars slashed from their budget, and more than two dozen officers assigned to protect a ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural on Fifth Avenue.

Some go further. Speaking in Portland on Friday, Lilith Sinclair – a self-described “afro-indigenous non-binary local organizer” – called for the abolition of the “United States as we know it.” In Washington, a taxpayer-funded museum implicitly endorsed this radical rhetoric last week, when it described some basic tenets of American life – rationality and the justice system to name two – as traits of “whiteness” that should be “deconstructed.”  

The problem with deconstructing the notions of blind justice that have held the USA together until now is that BLM offers nothing to replace them but the nebulous and constantly shifting ideas of “power,” “privilege,” and “oppression.” Its self-righteous commissars have used these ideas to act out all manner of personal prejudices.

Like activist Monica Cannon-Grant, a columnist with the Boston Globe and darling of the Democratic establishment in Massachusetts. She’s currently campaigning to get progressive Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley re-elected, and recently recorded a video slandering Pressley’s opponent, black Republican Rayla Campbell. 

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According to Cannon-Grant, Campbell is betraying her “melanin” by remaining married to a white man, and isn’t a real “n***a” because of the “white penises [she] rides.” This is a woman described by the Boston press as the face of the Black Lives Matter movement in the city. 

Even more bizarre are the white BLM activists who took turns hurling racist abuse at a black  police officer in Portland last week. Racism, it seems, is perfectly fine when it’s directed at a cop, because oppression, and systemic something or other.

These catch-all buzzwords make it perfectly OK for rioters to tear down public monuments, loot and pillage stores and businesses, beat other minorities to a pulp, lay siege to police stations, and take up arms against the state. If you disagree with this, however, you’re the racist.

We all have our prejudices, and that’s OK. Contrary to what many believe, these assumptions are hard-wired into our brains through thousands of years of evolution. Though we no longer fear spears and arrows from rival tribes, we still favor our own “in-group,” and are wary of those who appear and act differently. We don’t just exhibit racial preferences, but also preferences for those of a similar gender or sexual orientation, or those who support the same sports team.

America’s criminal justice system, for all its faults, has been astoundingly effective until now in creating a harmonious environment for the various tribes and ethnicities that call the US home. 

On the other hand, the Black Lives Matter movement has been effective in codifying the prejudices of a small number of black Americans and deciding that this ethno-narcissism and in-group preference should supplant that system. BLM’s enablers in the media and in Washington have decided that to be on the “right side of history,” the rest of America must throw their support behind this ethno-narcissism.

Sooner or later, whatever its actual wording, the Pledge of Allegiance will translate as “with liberty and justice for all, depending on your privilege, and systemic something or other.”

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