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17 Jul, 2020 14:46

Terry Crews is right: Supremacist ideology, black or white, will always lead to misery

Terry Crews is right: Supremacist ideology, black or white, will always lead to misery

Actor Terry Crews came under fire for an egalitarian message stating that black supremacy will not end well for society. And he’s correct, because history has shown that the idea of racial superiority never ends well.

In a recent interview on The Talk, Terry Crews followed up his interview with Don Lemon, where he’d been critical of Black Lives Matter, by stating “we have to include this white voice, this Hispanic voice, this Asian voice. We have to include it right now because if we don’t, it’s going to slip into something we’re not prepared for.” 

Then Nick Cannon came forward with his anti-white and anti-Jew statements. Crews seemed oddly prophetic, but he still came under fire for his statements.  

The thing about this is that Terry Crews is right, and what his critics don’t understand is that he understands history. When it came to both the abolition of slavery in America and the Civil Rights movement, it was white people who made the decisions to fix the problems. 

But by appealing to the Constitution, both Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King Jr were able to make arguments that swayed people and gained them allies. In the modern day, if you want a problem solved, it can’t be one that concerns only one people group. Everyone needs to band together to solve it, because without that there will just be more conflict. 

The ideas coming from people like Nick Cannon, or his supporters like Charlamagne tha God, or Sean “Diddy” Combs, show an “us against them” attitude. People who agree with Terry Crews, like basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, are apparently Judas Iscariot to Ice Cube, who posted anti-Semitic images on Twitter following the death of George Floyd. 

These ideas that portray either white people or Jews as “the other” are standard supremacist thought. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if it’s white supremacy or black supremacy or any other type of supremacy. That thought process always leads to heartache and violence. 

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It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the rise in anti-Semitic violence has happened at all. The culprits of crimes have been both whites and blacks, with the whites involved often being white supremacists. Some of the most prominent shootings of the last two years were by white supremacists targeting synagogues. 

This shouldn’t really surprise anyone either. White supremacists have a history of encouraging this sort of thing, such as Vox Day cheering on Anders Brevijk, or many online white supremacists celebrating the death of Heather Heyer during the Unite the Right Rally. 

If black people go down this particular rabbit hole, they will end up becoming no better than the white supremacists that they hate so much. There will be violence, murders, and other such harm dished out to innocents. 

We’ve already seen these types of attacks in the aforementioned anti-Semitic attacks in New York, or the torture of a special needs white person in Chicago. The latter was live streamed on Facebook for the world to see. Again, there will be more of this if people listen to Nick Cannon or Ice Cube over Terry Crews and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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The fact of the matter is that the essence of supremacist ideology is envy and hatred, both motivators for violence. A particular group becomes “the other.” For a black supremacist, this “other” is white people and Jews. For a white supremacist, it’s usually Jews and anyone who isn’t white. 

When someone becomes “the other” in these groups the only conclusion that is reached is that they must be destroyed for the preservation of one’s own tribe. In this particular instance, young black men and women are being taught that these other groups are inherently evil, and must be attacked and eliminated. This leads to public beatings, kidnapping and torture, riots, and murder. 

Supremacists always want to destroy everything else to build themselves something on the ashes. But that’s not how America operates. 

We realize that there is something that is common in all of us across race, creed and other differences. And that is our shared humanity. Ultimately, problems aren’t solved by finding one group to put forth as a scapegoat. It’s about coming together and figuring out the problem together, something all humans are capable of.

We just need to drop this supremacist nonsense and start acting like humans as opposed to monsters.

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