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15 Jul, 2020 12:42

You’ve gotta be the ‘right kind’ of minority: Leftists are using identity politics to try silence non-white voices

You’ve gotta be the ‘right kind’ of minority: Leftists are using identity politics to try silence non-white voices

The American Left’s boycott of Goya Foods due to their CEO praising Donald Trump is the latest example of how their mask keeps on slipping, and how they only like the minorities that vote and think like they do.

Here in the United States, the American Left doesn’t think you’re “good” for people of the same skin color as yourself if you don’t vote for them. Recently, CEO of Goya Foods Robert Unanue praised Donald Trump’s leadership when appearing with the president to announce the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative. This initiative is meant to help Hispanic people in America gain more access to work and job training. Not long afterwards, the Left called for a boycott of Goya Food products.

Then it failed miserably

However, failure or success is largely irrelevant given that this is yet another example of cancel culture in action. Beyond that, someone like Robert Unanue should be someone that you would think the Left would adore given that he is Hispanic and a great success story. Not the case here, because he supported “the wrong person.” 

You’ll find a similar sentiment when Kanye West announced support of Donald Trump years ago. Professional sophist and awful comic book writer Ta-Nehisi Coates slandered West for trying to be white,” in one of the most ridiculous articles he ever wrote for the Atlantic. 

Then there’s Joe Biden’s snafu of saying that if you don’t vote for him you ain’t black.”

These are examples of the proverbial mask slipping. There has long been a sort of feeling that’s promoted by the Left that if you are a minority, you must vote Democrat. If you don’t, you’re an “Uncle Tom” or something along those lines. If you do dissent, you are unpersoned, like what aging rapper Snoop Dogg did on his Instagram not long ago. Fall in line or be destroyed.

This is an odd way of showing you’re pro-minority. This sort of purity testing ultimately makes the Left look awful. It is thought policing. You must agree with the thoughts of the hive-mind, or you will be excised. There’s no other way around it. You end up like Emmanuel Goldstein, and people will try and “cancel” you. It fosters the idea that being distinctive or being an individual is somehow wrong. You can’t be non-white and think that maybe a smaller government is a good thing, or that you shouldn’t call all cops racist when they aren’t. Quite frankly, it falls into the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Why the Left does this nonsense is because they are scared. As time has gone on, the same problems have plagued black, Latino, and other minority communities in areas that the Left dominates in America. There will be more dissenters, and they’re going to have to be strong in personality to stand up for what they believe. But then again, that’s what these collectivists hate. 

Someone making up their own mind and being their own person.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.