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6 Jul, 2020 13:54

Wayne Dupree: Those siding with political left are clueless as to its evil intentions

Wayne Dupree: Those siding with political left are clueless as to its evil intentions

The world is splitting into two camps, and people need to choose whose side they are on. Those sympathetic to the globalists orchestrating all this division and turmoil are misguided stooges helping usher in the New World Order.

Over the last 50 or so years, most, if not all, of the destruction and promises of destruction have come from the left or are inspired or manipulated by them. The right-wing militias the mainstream media love to scaremonger about never made it onto the streets to burn and loot. I have heard or read about them talking about doing some hate-filled act, but it never materializes. Gee whiz, I wonder if I should trust those left-wing studies warning of some kind of looming neo-Nazi apocalypse?

These left-wing studies written by left-wing experts are never written to inform, but to manipulate.

It is not just happening in academic studies. I am a big fan of detective novels. In the last three novels I've read, the bad guys were white supremacists. The latest one was the new Lucas Davenport “Prey" series book. It's getting ridiculous how popular fiction is now being used as nothing more than a commercial for the Democrat party. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are more left-wing authors (and aren't they all?) writing about white supremacists, than there are actually white supremacists.

Democrats learned long ago that Joseph Goebbels was the model to follow. Say something so many times that it becomes the truth. I think your average voter is finally figuring that out.

It is instructive when analyzing leftist methodology and tactics always to remember that leftists lie, all the time, about everything. Leftists lie most especially to themselves, and will often hold two contradictory and mutually exclusive ideas to be simultaneously true or false. The resulting cognitive dissonance would deter anyone with a firm grounding in reality from leftist approaches to solving humanity's most pressing problems. Still, leftists themselves have so tenuous a grip on reality, to begin with, that they fail to notice. The abnormal becomes normal.

Fear and loathing of half the American population. Say it enough, hammer it home long enough, and the faithful will believe.

Demonize, demonize, demonize. It’s what they do. I especially love it when they brand people as being “far right”, despite their holding left-wing ideologies that make themselves look like neo-national socialists. I bet if you were to add up all the left-wing violence and all the right-wing violence for the past few decades, it would be something like 90 percent left, 10 percent right.

They will support and justify anything at all that is done to us, until, of course, the revolutionary social justice warriors come for them after their usefulness has come to an end, or they are deemed to have become a source of irritation and embarrassment.

You are probably asking yourself, Wayne, how did you get to this point? Well, I lost a close friend a few weeks ago. My family cherished this person and admired them. They were generous and kind. No, they didn't die. They just cut off our friendship because I am a Conservative, and they are Liberal. Just as painful.

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They can't see the forest for the trees.

I have determined that having a life-long friendship end is difficult, but I find that when one person is doing most of the work in the friendship, he/she comes to realize it is not what he/she thought. There are warning signs that are missed through the years. We wake up when something shocks us into consciousness. We allow certain behaviors until we can not put up with it anymore. Democrat friends do not want to hear anyone else’s opinion but theirs; they live in a bubble.

I used to like discussing subjects with people who disagreed with me. I often learned a different perspective on the issue. Sometimes I changed my mind. What I found was you cannot argue the facts with someone who argues feelings. When you argue 2+2 = 4, but they feel it should be five but cannot provide any evidence, it is time to change the subject.

The country seems to be dividing up, and eventually, everyone will be required to choose one side or the other. The problem is that I don't think that those on the left have any clear idea whose side they are on, because they have been so brain-washed or don’t have any real understanding of the long-term consequences if their side were to prevail.

They are only acting as stooges and useful idiots of the NWO globalists who are orchestrating all this division and turmoil, and whose ultimate goal is domination of the entire planet by an elite few, under some sort of global communist system which almost certainly will be a high tech tyranny, similar to what we currently see in China, although probably worse.

The sole aim on our side is to fight like hell to prevent this from happening. As far as I am concerned, everything else pales into insignificance compared to this.

Here's an idea. Instead of defunding the police, let's defund these leftist-run universities responsible for indoctrinating our kids and our friends. Maybe then we will have a better future.

I know I call out the political left in this article and you are probably saying to yourself, he’s contradicting his own argument. Let me say, you will hear much from me about my disgust with the political right’s leaders and non-existent token outreach toward the minority community in the future. As I was once part of the Democrat party (until 2007), so I can speak out on both, which is what I plan on doing. 

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