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3 Jul, 2020 18:55

Wayne Dupree: The Democrats will use fraud to win this fall’s presidential election, and Trump may have to call on the military

Wayne Dupree: The Democrats will use fraud to win this fall’s presidential election, and Trump may have to call on the military

Biden’s supporters are manipulating the polls and planning to cheat on mail-in ballots and use other dirty tricks to seize victory. These are perilous times in America – so will the troops back the President’s call if it comes?

If the United States mainstream media will blatantly lie in their ink and broadcasts day after day to smear President Trump, skewing an election poll to achieve the same effect is a no-brainer.

I believe their main intent is to demoralize Trump supporters, so they won’t bother to vote. What the left has learnt is that they can continue to put out fake polls showing the Democrats are way ahead to try to influence public opinion and depress Republican turnout, and people in the GOP will continue to believe them.

Does it ever cross your mind that Republicans in Congress are clueless about what the Dems are planning for the 2020 election? That they are two steps behind? We just learnt that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden just raised more money than Trump in June 2020. Remember all those months of the GOP yelling to the mountains that they were setting record fund-raising numbers? Where did that go?

If you believe the anti-Trump media, things don’t look so rosy right now, but we have time. Trump has had to deal with a once-in-a-hundred-years pandemic, and the left media has all but been willing to claim he has blood on his hands. They don’t blame the killer virus, but Trump.

The pandemic caused the end of one of the best periods of economic prosperity and immediately turned it into one of the worst economic crises in our lifetime. Then came the riots and the tearing down of our heritage.

The media, not just CNN and NBC, but even ‘mainstream’ players are now pumping out only 24/7 anti-Trump propaganda. Hollywood and much of sport have to prove how woke they are by coming out against the president. They’ve unfairly called him a dictator, a racist, even compared him to Hitler, without any repercussions.

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Democrat leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer believe they exist not to help the American people, but to trash President Trump at every turn. The Republican-appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has even turned on the Commander-in-chief lately.

If a man can win an election under these circumstances, it will be one of the greatest feats ever. But we must try to preserve our way of life.

We don’t know the extent to which the Democrats have honed voter fraud to a very useful tool so they can win most elections in November, but we do know they feel they have it almost foolproof.

Think about this. No party would present Biden as a viable candidate if they did not believe they had another avenue to an easy win. I am very concerned that Democrats have indeed perfected the fraud avenue. We haven’t a clue how deeply it is set in place, and you can bet it isn’t just mail-in ballots. Dems are ruthless.

I do believe this is what we can expect to see from the Dem/Deep State plan now. Continued chaos so that mail-in ballots can be implemented. The running of fake polls showing that Biden is way ahead so that most will not question the cheating when it happens. All assets are being used because the Dems and the Deep State are fighting for their lives.

Part of the liberal mindset is their firm conviction in their intellectual superiority. The polling only serves to bolster their sense of predestined victory over the Deplorables. This hubris is an essential ingredient in the tears-and-impotent-rage cocktail they will serve us on losing again. It’s delicious! I’m still savoring the last election’s vintage.

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We will never know for sure, but it wouldn’t shock me to learn, after the election, that Nancy, Chuck, Bloomberg, and other rich Democrats actually pulled the lever for Trump. I think they know their policies are ridiculous, but they need to show off their insane left-liberal bona fides to get re-elected and keep the gravy train flowing. They don’t want to pay more taxes and lose a bunch of money in the market.

I’m pretty certain none of us on the outside truly understand and appreciate the box President Trump is in – this is one not of his own making, but one that has been perpetrated by the forces arrayed against him.

When retired military brass align with those against Trump, it illuminates the very tricky position of overriding federal law to use the military to quell civil unrest. He has to be sure the military will be with him if and when he uses that option. Ultimately, the tipping point may be when enough of the citizenry is ‘red-pilled’ and made to see the real cause of the unrest with their own eyes.But how to wake people up to the reality of the situation when the so-called media have been preaching that President Trump has been illegitimate since he was elected, and many are still ignorant of the truth? If he takes action before the military is ready to follow him, we lose the war. If he waits so long that many of his supporters fall away, we lose the war.

When’s the right time, the sweet spot to take action? I don’t know, so I do the only thing I can: trust that Trump knows.

Media folk think they’re smarter and better informed than we rubes. As a class, they’re still in shock and mourning that Hillary Rodham Clinton lost in 2016. That she lost to “a reality-TV star” is even more galling.

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Even that branding is telling: Trump is a billionaire, with a fortune made in real-estate development and a score of diverse investments. In contrast to Barack Obama, a college lecturer, and Rodham, who married well, Trump resembles the founding fathers and Obama is more akin to a reality-TV star.Oh, the irony. More proof God has a sense of humor.

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