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14 Apr, 2020 12:21

A sex-change op is NOT more essential than treating Covid-19 – even if trans activists cry otherwise

A sex-change op is NOT more essential than treating Covid-19 – even if trans activists cry otherwise

Covid-19 has infected two million people and so far has killed 120,000. Half of humanity is under some form of social lockdown. And unemployment is exploding. But the biggest victims are trans people unable to have a sex change.

Or at least, that’s what they want you to think.

Throughout the world, non-essential surgeries have been postponed to free up vital equipment in hospitals, and to diminish foot traffic within their halls. Inarguably a smart move, given there’s a highly infectious virus wreaking havoc within all sectors of society. Although, to the perpetually offended and self-victimized LGBT community and their sympathizers, this is just yet another thing for them to take umbrage over. 

News organizations and online activists have been framing the term “non-essential” as something offensive to the transgendered. Their reasoning is that it’ll put lives at risk because further delays will pose a serious threat to their mental health. Not to mention some feel it makes trans folk out as literally non-essential. 

Give me a break. 

At the risk of sounding insulting, turning an innie into an outie (or vice versa), is hardly more important than easing someone’s chronic pain. To which people living with such conditions are also being forced to bear through it. 

Operations that have been canceled for people amidst the global pandemic are surgeries to have a small section of the brain removed to stop daily seizures, hip replacements, low-risk cancer surgeries, procedures to fix a narrowing of the spinal canal that is causing chronic pain, among countless other things. 

That trans people and their media enablers see them as the victims here says a whole lot about the state of their minds. There’s the obvious selfish entitlement, but underlying even that is a misguided belief that repackaging their package will solve their life’s problems. 

The trans suicide rate is a shockingly high number. There’s no one factor as to why trans people attempt to take their own life. Social issues, hatred of one’s body, loss of friends and family, loss of career, a struggle to accept oneself, and a myriad of other problems plague those who feel they were born in the wrong body. 

Depression almost comes with the territory, but it’s a depression that won’t be magically healed by slicing and dicing their genitals. Some studies have shown that even post-op individuals make attempts on their life to a higher degree. That’s not to say such surgeries are to blame, because other studies and even my own personal experiences show that it does in some cases improve the lives of others, the issue is that trans people think it’s a bandaid for all their woes. 

Those who go into surgery sad, are more than likely still going to come out of surgery sad. There may be a window where they believe they are happier, but the high fades, and then they fall right back into the mental state they’d previously occupied. 

Using myself as an example – and yes I am a tranny – the most important advice I can share is to fix internal issues first and foremost. I used to exist in a bottomless pit of despair. Yet these days I’m the best I’ve ever been and I’m an entirely new person. My secret? I realized no one person or thing could save me. I had to do it myself, so I buckled down and focused on self improvement. Two years later and I went from being a sad nobody to a senior editor and social media manager at a global news organization, and life is great. Gone is a victim mentality, hatred of my own self, and a lingering sadness. And I didn’t need to chop some sausage to get there. 

The fact is, genitals are not the key to happiness, nor are they vital in maintaining a proper peace of mind, and that trans people and members of the media actually believe gender reassignment should be seen as essential while people with conditions that cause them daily physical pain are also forced to wait, shows that LGBT entitlement has reached an entirely new level. 

If the media really wanted to save the lives of trans people, they’d tell them to stop with the pity party and to stop being offended over everything. They need to take charge of their lives, not find yet even more excuses for why they are miserable.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.