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24 Dec, 2019 18:50

Trans woman Debbie Hayton is accused of transphobia after expressing view that we are biologically attached to our sex at birth

Trans woman Debbie Hayton is accused of transphobia after expressing view that we are biologically attached to our sex at birth

A transgender woman has been accused of transphobia for wearing a T-shirt saying she is really still a man. The obnoxious side of the LGBT community is again trying to cancel someone for the “crime” of sharing a different view.

A transgender physics teacher by the name of Debbie Hayton is facing disciplinary action and potential expulsion from her seat on the Trades Union Congress LGBT committee, for stating trans people are biologically attached to the sex they are born-as.

The incident initially occurred in July when Debbie wore a T-shirt which read “trans women are men. Get over it.” As is to be expected in today’s culture, it didn’t go over well and complaints claiming she was “propagating hate speech against the trans community” were sent to the general secretary of the TUC.

Fast forward to now and her fate has yet to be decided, but that she could be kicked from a committee she’s sat on for five years all because she dared share her point of view is a concerning one, to say the least.

No doubt she knew the provocative statement would cause a ruckus, but in the increasingly one-sided realm of trans activism, such contrarian opinions are needed. Especially given a trans woman is now falling prey to a deluge of claims that she is transphobic. All this because she stated what many know to be factual. A person born as a biological male is still biologically male, regardless of whatever hormones or surgeries they subject their bodies to.

As a transgendered person myself, I believe trans people should be respected as the gender they identify as because of the location in the brain where gender dysphoria takes root. Although, more correct than saying “I am a woman” would be saying that “I am a *trans* woman.” Many individuals however want to forget that distinction, but it’s an important one for I will never be biologically female. I was born with male genitals, I have a prostate, my skeletal structure is that of a man, and that is still just scratching the surface of the many ways my body differs from natural born women. 

If a trans person was born as the gender they identify as, then they certainly wouldn’t need to transition. Yet to the LGBT ‘community’ and its activist component at large, none of that matters. Speak up and you’ll just be attacked en masse. 

People who push against whatever the mainstream narrative at large happens to be, increasingly find themselves labeled every negative buzzword that’s popular at the time. Using myself as an example, as a right leaning writer with a moderately large reach on twitter who is vocal about my stances on the absurdity that is trans activism, I am flooded with comments calling me “transphobic”, “bootlicker”, “terf”, “truscum”, “Nazi”, and countless other slurs and insults. 

Not discussed nearly enough is the environment of fear that gay and trans people have been shuffled into. Speak one’s true thoughts and a brigade of hate will beat them into submission.  There is no room for opinions that run counter to the current fringe left consensus. 

Some people break free, but few are conditioned to survive the social media dog piling that often accompanies a person sharing a different point of view, so they break down and ask for forgiveness or hold their true beliefs tucked down to be safe. Although it’s hard to blame them when being honest can put careers and livelihoods at risk. 

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A common phrase within the woke side of the online echo chamber is “support trans women”, but as current events clearly show, that saying only includes those who toe the line. So perhaps instead of supporting trans women, people should support those who dare to be brave by speaking their minds and questioning the status quo, and in that respect, Debbie Hayton has earned my support. 

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