‘Trump’s $4 trillion pro-business budget will ruin his reelection chances’

‘Trump’s $4 trillion pro-business budget will ruin his reelection chances’
President Trump is not a politician, so he didn’t look at how these numbers are going to affect him in a reelection bid, former Georgia state representative Ladawn Jones told RT America’s ‘News with Ed.' Chair of Young Conservatives of America Ryan Sorba joined in.

The Trump administration has proposed a $4.1 trillion budget calling for, among other pricey projects, an increase in law enforcement and military spending, as well as for increasing border patrols along the US-Mexico border.

However, the new budget necessitates cutting back on social programs for the poor, including funding for Medicaid and food stamps.

Will Trump's constituents bite back in four years?

RT:  Ryan, is there going to be Republican support to get this done?

Ryan Sorba: There ought to be. This is monetarist, Milton Friedman economics. This is all about getting people off of social programs. This is all about getting people back to work. This is all about pumping money into the businesses that will reinvest this money into programs within their business and other businesses around the nation that will, in turn, generate real products, real wealth, and real jobs. It is not about dumping money down shovel-ready jobs for eternity that amount to nothing in terms of economic growth.

RT:  What was your interpretation of the new word ‘compassion’ and how they are going to measure it?

Ladawn Jones: Exactly. Compassion is based on the number of people that we get off. I don’t know if that was a Freudian slip or not, but there are going to be a lot of people who get off, but not because they found jobs, not because they found the help. In order to help people to get employed or help people to get food and housing, you have to give them resources, to get them out of that mold. By making these drastic cuts is going to affect employment; it is not going to be compassion at all. Luckily, Trump is not a politician. So he didn’t look at how these numbers are going to affect him in a reelection bid. We’re going to see this coming from a lot of states that voted for him.

RT:  Ryan, how does this add up? Do you believe that there will be a surplus in ten years as the wealthy get more tax cuts?

RS: Absolutely. Look, give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime. What Donald Trump wants to do when he says: “I want to make America great again” – is he wants to teach Americans to fish again. He says: You’re saying there aren’t enough food stamps to go around with Trump’s cuts – guess what? These people are going to have more jobs because the people that own the money, that are paying the taxes for the food stamps are going to be reinvesting it - very strategically - into new companies, in innovative-type products.

RT:That is a theory – that if people have more money in their pockets, they are going to go and create jobs. That hasn’t happened in the past. There are going to be massive cuts, and it is going to be turned into legislative sessions and governors state by state. In other words, some Americans are going to get better care than others, depending on where they live.

LJ: Absolutely. So far as there are cuts – both in the health care proposal, as well as cuts in this budget. So it is a double whammy to Medicaid. In states like Georgia that did not expand Medicare, where I am, it was a huge problem for us. We cannot trust these state legislators to ensure that they provide these additional preexisting denominations and designations that are necessary. I think it’s going to cause a great divide between states that are doing well and those that are not.

RT:  How does this play on a campaign trail? Is this something that would propel the Democrats to get back control? Is this going to be a hard sell on the campaign trail?

RS: No, I don’t think that it is going to be, because guess what? This budget takes into account taxpayers and individuals that generate wealth in this society. People understand that if they are not working in a free country, they don’t deserve products and luxury items, or anything. We live in a free country, and there is a lot of responsibility that comes along with freedom. You may win, and you may fail.

LJ: If that it is not dead upon arrival, this is a gift to Democrats. Eventually, people are going to realize that they or their families or their friends were using these benefits that are now cut. These are the same people that came out in droves to turn out in numbers for Trump, who normally didn’t vote. I believe a lot of these people, once they realize how this affects their communities are going to be turning the other way. It is up to the Democrats, however, to pick them up and do something with that.

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