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1 Mar, 2017 17:07

'If a cat goes missing, Putin must have eaten it' - German comedian

'If a cat goes missing, Putin must have eaten it' - German comedian

A German comedian has called for the end of war as a “multi-billion dollar business” while speaking during an anti-war protest in Munich. She went on to criticize the media for “blaming everything on Putin,” no matter the topic.

Lisa Fitz told demonstrators it is “naive” to believe wars start because there's a conflict between two countries which then escalates.

“Often you find something on the internet that finally clears your naive mind,” she said during the protest, which coincided with a security conference in the German city.

Fitz went on to give an example which involved retired NATO general Wesley Clark, who reportedly claimed he was informed by Pentagon staff that the country was going to invade Iraq, without being given a reason. He was then told that other countries would soon be invaded, too.

“...Seven countries in five years! For me, my dear peace-loving friends, it means that we can’t afford to rely on politicians or mass media anymore. We need to look for the reasons and explanations on our own, step by step. We can’t remain in the dark,” Fitz said

“Naturally, everyone thinks they have an opinion of their own, but they forget HOW they got that opinion...” she continued, adding that “a gram of information weighs more than 50 tons of opinion.”

The comedian goes on to bring up the conflict in Ukraine, claiming $5 billion was paid to organize regime change.

“The goal was to make Ukraine join the EU and eventually NATO,” she said, stating that NATO tanks are currently deployed 150 kilometers south of St. Petersburg.

“In early January 2017, a US tank brigade disembarked in Bremerhaven and was sent to the Eastern Front. This went largely unnoticed by the general public. Our media pays little attention to this threat; instead, they blame everything on Putin. If a cat goes missing, Putin must have eaten it.”

Fitz noted that although the security conference Munich has been taking place since 1963, security has not increased.

“...So, is there more security now? Absolutely not. You can’t defeat terrorism with terrorism...” she said.

“We should stop arms exports!...If we keep exporting terror, sooner or later it will bite us in the back. We should give up our double standard and stop lecturing others. And we shouldn’t – this is my personal request – we shouldn’t be divided in the meaningless clash of opinions. Let’s stick together! Let’s be truthful. PEACE, friends, for this new good step,” Fitz concluded.

It's not the first time that Fitz has made headlines for her anti-war rhetoric. In October, she spoke to RT about her views on NATO, which she has referred to on stage as “some kind of werewolf, an alien, a monster.” 

“I am fighting for peace. But it's a little bit naive to go on stage and say 'peace, we all our brothers and sisters,' and waving a candle in the hand. This is nice, but sometimes you have to put your finger on the wand...” she told RT.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.