Why EU considers divided US ‘dangerous’ to rest of world?

Why EU considers divided US ‘dangerous’ to rest of world?
Brussels will keep opposing President Trump since he’s a threat to their business model, said Maximilian Krah from the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD.) However, the question is whether European voters will support these politicians, he added.

EU foreign affairs chief, Federica Mogherini has described the US is divided and “can be a destabilizing factor for the rest of the world."

“I have never seen the US so polarized, divided and burdened by conflicts as now. However, the one who would like to play a global leadership role needs to be internally strong, self-confident and cohesive,” she told Die Welt on Wednesday.

Mogherini’s comments came after a visit to Washington last week. Meanwhile, many EU officials have been bashing the new American President.

RT asked Maximilian Krah what is the EU’s issue with America. In his view, the EU fears Trump’s approach.

“The EU is a concept of the left-wing of left-liberal ideology, and Trump stands for a new approach. Of course, the EU fears his approach and the change he will bring,” he said. At the same time, he went on to say, a new approach and a change in European policies are precisely what everyone who supported Trump hoped for.

President Trump has admitted that the nation is divided. As to why the anti-Trump protesters are ignoring the will of the people who voted for him, Krah said: “The whole political elite and the media have changed toward the left and have lost touch with the majority of the people. And now Trump is bringing the silent majority back in charge. And all of those who lost power now, who are on the other side – they are very angry because they used to govern; they used to set public opinion, and now they are on the other side – they lost.”

In Krah’s opinion, many of Trump’s critics are just “bad losers.”

“At the moment Trump has full momentum. He creates new realities. I guess the division will be overcome, and even those who lost now – the old elites – will accept the new facts. But right now it is true – they are bad losers, and they try everything they can do to stop the momentum Trump has,” he told RT.

The AfD member is also confident EU leaders will continue to attack Trump “as he is a threat to their business model.”

“All these politicians who never had a proper job in their life, never had a risk of having their own enterprise, or have never worked outside politics – he is dangerous for them,” he said.

“The interesting question is: what will the voters do. Will the voters in Holland vote for [Geert] Wilders; will the French people elect Marine Le Pen; will the AfD get 20 percent in a German general election? This would be the change, but Brussels will oppose Trump as long as they can,” Krah concluded.

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