What should Americans be thankful for this Thanksgiving?

What should Americans be thankful for this Thanksgiving?
As fall turns to chilly winter, Americans celebrate a day of thanks and give the holiday the apt name, wait for it, Thanksgiving.

So let's warm the turkey, crack open the cranberries, and mash the potatoes and look at what I believe some folks might be thankful for this year 2016.

We begin the 'Tyrel Ventura 2016 Holiday Tour of Thanks & Giving' with the Police & Law enforcement agencies of North Dakota, who are surely thankful for the post 9/11 dismantling of our Constitutional rights, namely the 1st Amendment, and irony. Yes, they are thankful for irony. Because, the irony of it all, of course, is blasting ice cold water from fire hoses at protestors who are fighting for clean water.

Thank you, North Dakota Law Enforcement for shredding a little bit more of our 1st Amendment rights, putting profits over people, and showing the world once again just how little we respect the Native peoples whose genocide we built this country upon.

Next, let us head to the top of Trump Tower and watch our mainstream television news media give thanks to themselves as they whine and cry over President-elect Donald Trump’s rudeness to their fragile little egos.

Yes, a proverbial who’s who of television news reporters, anchors and CEOs recently ascended to the top of Trump Tower after being summoned to an off the record meeting by 'The Donald'. Unfortunately, he did not provide them with any trigger warnings in advance and proceeded to lambaste them for what he felt was unfair coverage of him during his campaign for President.

I don’t even know where to begin with the many levels of idiocy on display here.

So not only do they agree to an off the record meeting with the future most powerful person in the free world, because I guess how else are you going to spark the flames of collusion between the Executive Branch and the 4th Estate when you want to push the next war down our collective throats. But these bastions of journalistic integrity and bravery then run anonymously to the print media to complain about how Donald Trump said mean things to them.

Well take a number and get in line you ego maniacs. I’m pretty sure there will be a helluva a lot of other good people in this country who are going to feel the true wrath of a Trump Presidency long before you boys in your ivory towers of television news break a sweat and miss a golf game.

The egos and police state runs deep here in the heart of the American Dream as this Thanksgiving holiday descends upon us, but remember hawk watchers as you gather with your family and friends, that despite it all, we still have the freedom to love.

No matter how hard they try, whether it’s the militarized police, the cowardly cable news media, or the presidency of Donald Trump they cannot take away our heart. Because it’s heart that sees Native Americans and activists, despite freezing temperatures, stand tall in the face of real physical horror to continue to protect our most sacred of resources. It’s that kind of heart that will keep the egos in check, the mainstream media’s feet to the fire, and get us through the uncertain tumultuous times of a Trump Presidency.

Remember in this world we are not told we are loved enough, so I say to you all: I love you and be sure to give some thanks this holiday season and keep on Watching The Hawks.

Tyrel Ventura, host of RT America's 'Watching the Hawks'


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