‘European nations should control their own borders & immigration policies’ – Lew Rockwell

‘European nations should control their own borders & immigration policies’ – Lew Rockwell
Refugee welfare recipients have no legal right to enter Europe and be legally and financially privileged at the expense of European tax payers. This is destroying European civilization, Lew Rockwell from the Ludwig von Mises Institute told RT.

Billionaire investor George Soros has offered his own solution to what he described as an existential threat to Europe. Soros says the EU should begin accepting up to half-a-million asylum seekers annually and also create a pan-EU refugee and border agency.

He also says the bloc should provide Turkey and other so-called 'frontline' countries with funding to maintain refugee populations which would cost €30 billion a year.

RT: Would the EU scrape together €30 billion annually (in long-term bonds) as Soros proposes? Good plan or not?

Lew Rockwell: That’s a terrible plan. But I would say that everything that George Soros ever proposes is horrible. This man is really an enemy of civilization. He is a caricature of an oligarch who thinks that he should be able to control other people’s lives because he is wealthy… If he wants to pay for refugees, let him house them. He has got plenty of properties; let him put them in there. There is no right for welfare recipients to enter into Europe and be legally and financially privileged at the expense of European tax payers. This is destroying European civilization, which is why Soros, of course, has been promoting it. There is evidence that he was helping funding certain organizations that are promoting the flow of refugees. This wouldn’t be happening if the US hadn’t done its evil work along with Britain and others in Syria, but the answer is not to destroy European civilization.

RT: George Soros is worried about the collapse of Europe’s Schengen system. How it is possible to get out of it?  

LR: The Schengen idea was horrible, open borders means the destruction of property rights. This is a very, very bad idea. There shouldn’t be open borders. Every country in Europe should have its own borders. They should have their own immigration policies. If Croatia wants to bring in a bunch of people from Hungary and put them on welfare, I think that is highly unfortunate, but that’s their own business. But they certainly shouldn’t be able to send them to France, Germany, Italy, England and so forth. So, I think the EU has to be destroyed; the EU is a very bad organization. A free trade area – that’s great. But everything else about the EU is a world-government oriented thing to be run by people like George Soros. So, whatever brings down the EU is a great thing. But stopping the immigration not only will not harm European civilization, it will save European civilization. That's what has to be done. As to Turkey – no money to the dictatorship of Turkey. Let them handle their own problems. This is not the problems of Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark or Sweden. Let each country handle their own property, their own people, their own problems. And not have the George Soroses of the world trying to run things. This is a very bad man.

Daniel Friberg, Chairman of the European conservative think-tank RightOn.net told RT: “I think it is audacious of George Soros to even propose such a thing. He is not even a European citizen. He tries to dictate to us how our immigration policy should be formulated. Everyone knows that he is not just a philanthropist as he tries to portray himself. He is a far-left activist. He is funding extremist far leftist organizations all over Europe in order to transform Europe into something entirely different. He is funding and encouraging the current migrant crisis by sponsoring movements that are helping so-called refugees, most of them aren’t even refugees, to come into Europe illegally. What he is doing is illegal, immoral and it is none of his business.”

RT: What are your views on the Turkey migrant deal?  

LR: First of all, you can’t trust Erdogan. He is not a trustworthy guy. He already has upped the blackmail payment he wants. Greeks should be blocking the migrants; it is destroying Greece. They would like to destroy the rest of Europe – George Soros and company. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. Turkey, handle your own problems. If you want to bring in Syrian Muslims to settle in Turkey – go do it. But that’s not other countries’ problems. I am sure many Turks don’t like it because it means the destruction of Turkish property rights, as well as European property rights…

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