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‘People support Trump as politicians they hate, hate him’

‘People support Trump as politicians they hate, hate him’
Many Trump supporters have no idea what he would do if he makes it to the White House, but the fact he is hated by establishment politicians, that hate make his candidacy more appealing, says Jacob Sullum, from independent news magazine Reason.

Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton achieved the highest number of delegates on Super Tuesday winning in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Republican Presidential candidate front-runner Donald Trump, on the contrary, lost to John Kasich.

RT: Clinton said the rest of the world should be afraid of Donald Trump. Why?

Jacob Sullum: Nobody really knows what Trump would do, if he were elected. He doesn’t seem to have any firm principles. He does whatever he feels like at the moment; he of course doesn’t have a track record in office. So you could see how it might be scary to people – he is unpredictable. So I understand that – that aspect scares me, as well. Of course that is part of what voters find refreshing about him – that …he doesn’t think a whole lot before he speaks – that is very clear – in contrast with Hillary Clinton, who seems to be very stiff, very careful about what she says and not very personable, not very genuine. So it would be very interesting to see the match between the two of them, if only for the entertainment value - to see them debate would be interesting, because the styles are so different.

RT: Trump's been accused of being sexist, racist, xenophobic and a fascist.  Why are so many Americans voting for him?

JS: He is popular with about a third of the Republican Part…even a third of the third of the people voting in primaries… I think, to some extent, [those are] people who are upset with the establishment for whatever reasons – he himself has been anti-establishment…  The fact that so many people, established political figures don’t like him makes him more appealing. So some of these people may not have any clear idea how Trump would do if he is elected - they just know that the people they hate, hate Trump, and that is enough for them…

Emphasis on Trump - attempt to divert attention from Clinton’s dangerous policy

Trump is dangerous, observed writer and political analyst, Daniel Patrick Welch commenting on Hillary Clinton’s remarks about the republican contender. She was overheard at a town hall meeting with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews calling her competitor a dangerous presence.

Welch argues it is not because of Trump policies that many countries “are being slaughtered from the air”; those are Clinton’s policies, he added.

RT: We've heard plenty about the front-runners' domestic policy promises. What about their foreign policies?

Daniel Patrick Welch:…All of this bloviating about how dangerous Trump is - Trump is very dangerous, but he is not going to be a President of the US. He is dangerous because he allows safe space for racism and a protected kind of new fascism that is arising on his back, which all of his fellow candidates agree with, by the way.

But, let’s be clear, is it because of Trump’s policies there are two million people behind bars in America? Is it because of Trump’s policies that Black and Brown countries are being slaughtered from the air? No, those are Clinton policies, and they have been so since the 1990’s. I see this emphasis on Trump as an attempt to divert attention from someone [who is] the most dangerous in the world, who will be the President of the US, and that, potentially is Hillary Clinton.

Trump is a dangerous because he is a fascist, and the people, who follow him, are dangerous. Clinton is dangerous because what we know about her – she is the essential institutional crypto-fascist, when you look at it. She is the one who has used the term “responsibility to protect” to utterly destroy Libya and all of the Black and Brown people who live there. She is the one who helped to coin and publicize the term ‘super-predators,’ when she was talking about demonizing Black and Brown people - men especially - in terms of mass incarceration in the US in the 1990’s.

Her husband, as well as her, as the Clinton dynasty is founded on historical precedent of demonizing Black people and people on welfare. Mass incarceration, labeling Black men as ‘predators,’ the end of welfare, as we know it, they design and by force train the democratic party to the right to resurrect the ancient dark heart of the Democratic Party, the racist ghost of the Ku Klux Klan. They did it on purpose and they did it cryptically, but they wanted more white votes. This is, what I call, the racist rope-a-dope of US politics: Trump vs. Clinton.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.