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‘British-US policy to fight ISIS isn’t going to work’

‘British-US policy to fight ISIS isn’t going to work’
Obama-Cameron plan to defeat ISIS is inherently flawed and will fail, causing only more deaths, more chaos and more religious wars, Lawrence Freeman, editor of the Executive Intelligence Review magazine, told RT.

RT:David Cameron has condemned thekillingof the UK citizen by ISIS as an "act of pure evil." What action can we expect from the UK government?

Lawrence Freeman: The problem is that it is an act of evil and ISIS has to be defeated, but the British and American plan from David Cameron and President Obama will not succeed. It is inherently flawed and will fail, and will cause more deaths, more chaos, more deaths and killing in the Middle East, in the Gulf countries. It does not identify the fact that the Saudi Arabian Empire together with the British Empire have been allowing ISIS to be funded and deployed.

And now there is a very big movement inside the US Congress to declassify 28 pages kept secret since 2002 on the role of the Saudi Arabia in supporting the 9/11 attack against the US. If that comes out, that will blow open this whole phony alliance that Obama and Cameron have with Saudi Arabia.

RT:Could this push the UK government to join the US-led military campaign against Islamic State?

LF: The campaign that Obama is leading is not going to happen, is not going to work. There will be bombings, but bombings do not defeat an enemy. Also if President Obama violates Syrian territory and bombs Syria, that is a violation of international law. The people who are supposed to be doing the training and are based in Saudi Arabia will not be sufficient.

Yes, there has to be an alliance of sovereign nations that work together to defeat ISIS and it has to include economic development. The Obama-British plan will fail as it is badly constructed. And Obama right now is violating the US Constitution by taking the US to war without approval - explicit approval - of the Congress. And this is causing uproar in the Congress itself. Yes, we must defeat ISIS, but it will not be defeated by this British-American policy right now which will only make the matters worse.

RT:What do you think is behind the timing of this video? Is it linked to John Kerry's efforts to gain support for military action against Islamic State in the Mid-East?

LF: No. You have a group at the core of fundamentalist Wahhabiates [sic] which have been armed by elements in Saudi Arabia for decades. These people have to be destroyed, they are evil, and they are carrying out their evil campaign. The problem is we do not have any leadership, real political leadership in the US, and we're being pulled around by Cameron and others to carry out a policy. Think about it, think if we bomb Syria. What would be the consequences? There would be more wars. This would further destabilize the Assad government.

What if the Assad government falls? Then ISIS can take parts of Syria. There is a release that came out on September 14 from the Huffington Post that the so-called moderate Syrian Free Army is working directly in an alliance with ISIS. This is well-known and documented, so how can this plan succeed if the Saudis are involved and the so-called allies are working directly with ISIS? It is not going to succeed, and you're going to see more deaths, more chaos and more religious wars until we impeach Obama and release the 28 pages which expose the Saudi relationship.

RT:Looking at this from the point of view of the terrorists, what is the strategy behind these execution videos?

LF: The mindset of these terrorists is destruction, it is chaos, it is killing people. You don't have to look for a particular strategy. They want to bring the world back into an unorganized, medieval order and the problem is that they are being supported by supposed allies of ours in Great Britain and Saudi Arabia. So they are going to do whatever they can to destabilize the world and we're going along with it. So we have to cut out our own stupidity and force our [US] president to carry out a policy, although our president at this point should probably be removed from office because he's not going to carry out a policy to defeat ISIS.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.