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Julian Assange verdict: LIVE UPDATES

Julian Assange verdict: LIVE UPDATES

­08:43 GMT: Assange was not in court during the proceedings.

­08:27 GMT: The Supreme Court has given Assange 14 days to make an application to reopen the case.

­08:25 GMT: Assange has lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden in the UK Supreme Court.

­08:20 GMT: The Supreme Court is now in session discussing Assange's extradition.

­08:17 GMT: Assange’s mother has described the trial as a “24-hour nightmare” and told press she was worried he would be put into indefinite detention and solitary confinement in Stockholm before even being charged.

­08:09 GMT: Less than 15 minutes from the extradition judgement and Assange still has not arrived at the Supreme Court.

­07:58 GMT: Media and supporters have been allowed into the courtroom ahead of the judgement.

­07:52 GMT: A group of Assange’s supporters await his arrival outside London’s Supreme Court.

Photo by Indonesia FoWL ‏@IndoFoWL
Photo by Indonesia FoWL ‏@IndoFoWL

07:41GMT: Assange is accused on charges of sexual assault and rape made against him by two Swedish women following a visit to the country in 2010.

07:35 GMT: Assange’s lawyers have repeatedly called on the Supreme Court judges to overturn the extradition appeal on the basis it is “invalid and unenforceable.

07:25 GMT: The UK Supreme Court will decide if it agrees with Assange’s argument that his extradition, founded on a European Arrest Warrant is invalid.

07:15 GMT: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is in court today to find out whether judges will rule to extradite him to Sweden. He will be questioned over alleged sex crimes by Swedish prosecutors, charges the whistleblower views as politically-motivated.