Victims of air disaster remembered

Victims of last year’s TU-154 plane crash are being remembered in Ukraine and Russia. All 170 people on board, including 45 children, were killed when the airliner that was on its way from Anapa to St. Petersburg crashed near the city of Donetsk in easter

More than 100 of the passengers were from Saint Petersburg. Relatives of the victims have arrived in Donetsk to take part in events to remember the dead.

A memorial in the shape of a plane wing has been installed at the site of the crash. Marble slabs are engraved with the names of the 170 passengers and crewmembers of the TU-154.

Meanwhile, St. Petersburg authorities, who previously rejected plans to place a memorial in the city, said a final decision has yet to be made.

Mourning ceremonies in St Petersburg took place in one of the city's cemeteries.