U.S. programmer on trial for slaying Russian bride

A computer programmer is on trial in California accused of murdering his Russian-born wife. Hans Reiser, 43, is charged with killing his estranged partner Nina last year. The case has become notorious because her body has never been found.

Nina Reiser, 31, vanished on September 3, 2006, after leaving her two children with her husband at his house in an Oakland suburb. 

The couple were going through a bitter divorce at the time, and were in a battle over custody of the children.

Her mini-van was found six days after she went missing, with her purse and groceries still inside. Investigators say they found small amounts of blood matching Nina's DNA at Hans' home. They also reported finding her blood in his car, which was missing the front passenger seat and had a floorboard soaked with water when police found it.

Meantime, the defence is suggesting the woman is alive, and living a secret life in her native Russia.

Reiser is a well-known figure in computer programming circles in California.