UK uncooperative on Litvinenko: Russian prosecutor

Russia's Prosecutor General's Office says a recent article in the New York Sun, challenging the official British version of the Aleksandr Litvinenko murder case, is justified and correctly describes the current state of the investigation.

Vladimir Markin from the Prosecutor General's Office says the UK side is often uncooperative.

“The investigation into the Litvinenko case is on going. We are ready to fully co-operate with the British side. We provide all the information they request. But the British are often not as helpful, for some reason they refuse to give us the information we’re asking for. The article in the New York Sun supports our position and shows that we are open and ready for co-operation”.

Edward Jay Epstein spent months on his article and claims the British version of events doesn't hold water.

The American journalist travelled to Moscow where he was able to view documents from Russia's investigation, including the extradition request for Andrey Lugovoy – Britain's main suspect.

He says Britain has failed to release even the most basic evidence, like the autopsy report.