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The Media Mirror – Today's Russian press review

New results of the Togliatti bus blast investigation, the final countdown for the Kosovo’s Troika, and the phenomenon of Putin – these are the topics the Friday’s Russian newspapers are kicking about.

IZVESTIA writes the investigators in Togliatti are working on several leads simultaneously. Terrorism is still considered to be the main line of inquiry. However, the only probable suspect doesn’t fit into the existing theories. The paper writes the body of a drop-out student Evgeny Vakhrushev, one of the eight people who died in the explosion, bears the most severe marks of the blast. By examining his remains the investigators managed to identify the explosive as nitroglycerine, a chemical explosive, the easiest to make but the most dangerous to handle. In spite of having been used in a number of terrorist acts it is not very popular among demolition experts because it detonates from the slightest push.

KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA publishes the portrait of the suspected bomber. The paper says, Vakhrushev was 21, was not a member of any extremist organization. He was a devoted son but didn’t have many friends. There is no hard evidence, says the paper, that the university drop-out intended to blow up a bus full of people. It doesn’t fit what we know of this chap’s character, one of the investigators told the paper.

KOMMERSANT writes about Evgeny Vakhrushev as the main suspect but quotes a police source questioning his motivation. It may still be true, writes the paper, that Vakhrushev took the bus only to carry an amount of nitroglycerine to some unknown destination. A push on his shoulder in the crowded bus could have caused the detonation.

VREMYA NOVOSTEI writes, for the Kosovo Troika the final countdown has started – they have to present a feasible roadmap for the region by December 10. The paper says that Kosovo Albanians are prepared to postpone the declaration of independence until Christmas. The Troika is seeking a solution that would satisfy both Pristina and Belgrade. According to the article, so far only the division of the region looks like something that the both sides don’t want, but are able to live with.

An IZVESTIA column answers the question, why do the Russians follow Putin? Why have there been so many meetings and demonstrations calling for Putin’s third term as President? The paper says Putin gave the people a most important feeling, the feeling of security which came after 12 years of worry and discontent. And they just don’t want to part with that feeling.