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Suspected car bomber arrested in Ingushetia

Police in Ingushetia have detained a man suspected of organising a car bomb attack which killed four policemen in the Republic on Friday. Officers made the arrest after a gun battle with an armed gang in the town of Karabulak.

The shootout took place in a densely populated residential area close to local schools. The exact details remain unclear, but authorities say the gunfire started as police were trying to detain militants.

One man, reportedly carrying a hand grenade, was killed in the operation and another detained. He is suspected of carrying out a terrorist act in the city of Nazran on Friday. Four police officers were killed in that attack when a remotely controlled car bomb went off in the city’s main square.

During the raid, one of the criminals tried to escape the scene. He was subsequently killed. Another person has been arrested. He is being interrogated. Investigators are continuing to comb the area.

Musa Medov,
Ingush Minister of the Interior

On Saturday, members of the Security Services seized an explosive cache similar to the one used in the Nazran car bomb attack.

In a separate incident on Friday, armed men broke into the home of a teacher in Karabulak, killing three members of her family.

The attacks took place just before September 1 – the anniversary of the Beslan school siege. It's the period when millions of children return to school after the summer holidays, and has become a tense time for Russia's security forces in recent years.

Investigators in Ingushetia say the detained may be linked to the recent killing of a teacher's family, as well as other incidents in the region. 

Law enforcement personnel remain on high alert in the Russian Republic of Ingushetia. Its closeness to neighbouring Chechnya has made Ingushetia a target for militant attacks against police and civilians.