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Serbia appeals to UN over organ trafficking linked to Kosovo PM

Serbia has called on the UN Security Council to launch an investigation into allegations linking Kosovo's Prime Minister to organ trafficking during the war for secession in 1999.
­A report by Dick Marty from the Council of Europe also linked former leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army to abductions, disappearances and executions.Austrian MP Johannes Huebner, who is also a member of the Council of Europe, says he “100 per cent agrees with the report by Mr. Marty” and points out that justice is something universal. The allegations concerning “the so-called winner of the conflict” must be addressed, he told RT. However, any step in this direction is facing obvious difficulties.“These allegations did not fit into the whole framework of looking into the conflict. The European view was that the Serbian side was the bad, the evil side and that we have to investigate the crimes of the evil side – the evil side which was also the loser in the conflict,” he said.“It was in the interest of the winning side to find out a lot about crimes of the losing side – the side they stood up against. And it was not so much in their interest to find crimes of the allies, which was the Albanian side in this conflict,” Johannes Huebner concluded.Marko Gasic from the British Serbian Alliance for Peace says the claims weren't investigated by the US and EU earlier because they would have had to admit blame for their role.“Those crimes committed against Serbians at that time were too huge to admit the reality: that the Albanians were being sponsored by the US at that time,” Gasic said. “[The US] could not go back from their original claims without admitting that they have been lying all along, particularly in 1999. They would need to admit that those who bombed Serbia were culpable in criminal terms for that bombing, and should answer before the international court. So of course it would be very difficult for them to say, ‘actually, yes, we are indeed wrong, we supported the wrong side.’”
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