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NATO may send military advisers to Libyan rebels

Rebel forces have claimed a key city on the Tunisian border, in a rare victory over Gaddafi troops, but the win was overshadowed by shelling in Libya's third-largest city Misrata. It has been under siege by pro-government forces for seven weeks.
­Meanwhile, the NATO allies have announced plans to send military advisers to the rebels' headquarters to help the opposition break the stalemate with pro-government forces. However, Russia's foreign minister warned that putting international officers on the ground could have unpredictable consequences.“The latest developments in Libya are not making us happy,” he told a Thursday press conference in Ljubljana. “It's a clear launch of a ground conflict. We consider these moves extremely risky which couldlead to unpredictable consequences.“There've been cases in history when it all started with sending in military advisors, and then it dragged out for years and resulted in hundreds and thousands dead on both sides,” Lavrov reminded. “We call on all everyone to respect the UN resolution in solving this conflict.”