Tiny tears: Children grieve over N Korea’s leader (VIDEO)

A poignant video of Pyongyang school children crying their hearts out over the death of their late leader, Kim Jong-il, has touched viewers all around the world.

The video portrays crowds of little Koreans taking turns to pass under a huge portrait of a smiling Kim at the Grand People's Study House in central Pyongyang.

Sobbing, the children lay white flowers in front of the portrait and say goodbye to the legendary leader who was at the helm of the country for 17 years.

Kim Jong-il died on December 17 at the age of 69 from a massive heart attack caused by stress and overwork, according to the North Korean media.

The leader’s death triggered an outpouring of grief among North Koreans with mourning continuing non-stop since his passing was announced.

The country declared an 11-day period of mourning that will culminate in a state funeral and a national memorial service on December 28-29.