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19 Dec, 2011 11:37

Kim Jong-il dead: Grief & mass hysteria in North Korea (VIDEO)

The news of the North Korea’s leader death has put the 24-million population on the verge of insanity, hyped up by unceasing TV broadcast of mass mourning throughout the country.

North Korea’s national flag is flying at half-mast today on every flagpole in the country.Today Korean men are not ashamed of tears flooding from their eyes. People representing every segment of the North Korean population, from field workers to academics, from soldiers to very young school children, are flourishing arms, expressing their endless love to the departed leader.Many mourners are sprawled on the ground, following an ancient tradition of devotedly wailing for dead.Standing in lines, mourners of both sexes and of all ages compete in lamenting the untimely death of Kim Jong-il, who died of “fatigue and over-work” at the age of 69.The sorrow following the death of the "Dear Leader" appears to be genuine. Actually, few words can describe what is really going on in the streets of North Korean cities. It appears that millions have gone out to share their sorrow with each other. Many of them do not hesitate to speak on cameras of the state TV channels.Groans and weeping is what fills the TV and radio broadcast from Pyongyang. North Korean Central Telegraph Agency is keeping count of telegrams of condolences coming from all over the world.Even the most experienced TV presenters, who have covered many traumatic news stories over the years of their work, could hardly blink away their tears while reporting the leader’s death.After 17 years of serving his people, Kim Jong-il died in his armored train during a usual working trip around the country.

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