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21 Oct, 2010 16:13

Russian fashion week comes to end

After displaying over 35 spring and summer collections from Russian and foreign designers, the bright times of the Russian Fashion Week have come to an end.

Throughout the week, Moscow has enjoyed the show, displaying works of Russia’s most experienced designers, as well as being introduced to new names in the Russian fashion industry, and welcomed guests from Ukraine, Belarus, France, The Netherlands, Italy and other countries.

Designers presented a whole palette of possible interpretations of spring/summer themes. The week started brightly with shows from maestro Zaitsev and experienced designer Ludmila Norsoyan. Zaitsev’s collection became a signature show of rich, sophisticated embroidered fabrics, bright colors and impressive accessories. He played with golden yellow and bright red in women’s dresses and stunned conservative men with combinations of marine green, violet and black in men’s looks.

Ludmila Norsoyan tried rethinking the rock’n’roll light-minded hippy-like culture in her collection. The designer traditionally uses expensive materials like silk and cashmere, yet the designs she created looked moderate due to the colors she chose – white, beige, ochre and grey. The emphasis was placed on accessories – massive earrings, pink shades and belts.

Romantics and daring youth paraded in the middle of the week. Moscow saw a stunning tender collection from Oleg Biryukov. He never repeats himself, experimenting with cuts, materials and color combinations. This time he made his show a travel to the seashore, where muse-like women in light dresses and elegant coats pass by as mirages. To the sounds of tidal waves, models dressed in navy, beige, ultramarine, cobalt and white recall the colors of the Northern Baltic Sea where Biryukov’s hometown, St. Petersburg, stands.

At the same time, young designer Tatiana Chekish displayed her collection of outfits one could wear to a party in a nightclub. Loud dance music, high heels, black, white, silver and red colors, short dresses and swimming suits decorated with crystals; all this unconsciously took you to a dance floor.

The final day of the fashion marathon presented the collection from the sophisticated brand TEGIN, which most loves to experiment with forms and create futuristic looks. Each of their shows turn into an artistic performance where you can easily lose your sense of reality. This time, it was the same story.

The collection from St. Bessarion fashion house closed the series of catwalk shows at the 21st Russian Fashion Week. This exocentric designer’s collection was inspired by… horse’s forms! St. Bessarion finds this animal full of admired grace, and put its elegant image into the core of his collection. A very natural color palette of pastel white and celestial-blue, beige and different shades of black leaves a feeling of simplicity and confidence in life.

Now that we know what to wear next season, let’s wait for the Russian Fashion Week to give us new professional advice next spring.