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Russia unlocks travel treasures

When most tourists think of Russia, the Trans-Siberian railway or the wonders of Moscow and Saint Petersburg spring to mind. But now, even more exotic locations are being opened up for the country’s 23 million visitors each year.

Russia has been highlighting its tourism wares at the annual World Travel Market in London.

“I can say that visas are now not problematic because we have an agreement with the EU and now it is often that Russian people are having problems in going abroad but not foreign people to Russia,” says Natella Shengeliya from the Russian Federal Agency for Tourism.

The Russian regions, especially Chukotka in the far north and the 2014 Olympics city of Sochi, have proved popular with delegates.
Russia offers eleven times zones to choose from – and eight of them can be covered within one trip on the famous Trans-Siberian railway. And the new luxury Trans-Siberian express called The Golden Eagle is likely to make the journey a most pleasant experience.

And with the new travel destinations offered by travel agencies and visa regulations, the country that once used to hide behind the iron curtain is likely to become a most appealing place to go.