“Stop tweeting!” Medvedev tells top politicians at meeting

Twittermania is sweeping Russia's politicians – so much so that some are even doing it right under the boss' nose. One governor was caught tweeting in the middle of State Council session by President Medvedev himself.

“[Kirov region governor] Nikita Yurievich Belykh is posting something on his Twitter page right now, during the State Council session, as if he has nothing else to do,” the president said during the meeting.

“He wrote the idea of state lyceums was his,” Medvedev added. “I absolutely agree with you. It was your idea, not mine, which doesn’t make it less relevant.”

Over the first hour of the session Nikita Belykh posted more than dozen tweets on his account, sharing with his followers details of the meeting and commenting on his colleagues’ statements.

Yet the tweeting didn't end with the president's remark – as more members of the council joined the online exchange, including presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich.

The Russian leader himself is known to be a big fan of gadgets, and even has a Twitter account.