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29 Oct, 2012 19:44

RT's online news 'more social' than CBS, Bloomberg and WSJ

Besting the Wall Street Journal and outflanking CBS News, RT has ranked 27th among 5,000 English-language newspapers when it comes to attracting likes, shares and comments on Facebook.
RT's online news 'more social' than CBS, Bloomberg and WSJ

New media have created new metrics to judge which news stories matter around the world, and there are many ways to measure a website’s success – from page views to unique visitors. But there is no better way to judge what matters to audiences than their desire to pass on what they’ve read to others instead of just clicking onto to the next thing without a second thought.When it comes to where people go on the Internet to let their voices ring out, Facebook is the veritable worldwide hub of social networking.While Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest have a rightful place in measuring a news organization’s impact on the web, Facebook is the optimal spot to check the social networking pulse.Recognizing this, NewsWhip has developed a content-finding system to see which of the 5,000 leading English-language news sites are getting the most likes, comments and shares for their stories on Facebook.For the month of September alone, RT garnered 559,482 such interactions, leaving such established media institutions as CBS News, Bloomberg, Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times in its wake.Several old media stalwarts have managed to reinvent themselves and stay relevant in the digital world as others fall by the wayside. But the ever-changing nature of the digital era is perhaps best represented by the fact that RT is one of many news outlets to take the media landscape by storm in under ten years in existence.RT also holds its own amongst those with the greatest number of stories with over 100 Facebook interactions over the same period, taking 28th place with at least 100 people clicking like, share or comment on 349 of our stories.As the world’s leading news organization on YouTube, according to a Pew Research Center poll published in July, the people have voted once again: RT remains a powerful force for those seeking to question more.