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Royal wedding only a celebration of wealth – London student

Thousands of police officers were deployed in a major security operation in London as Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot at Westminster Abbey.
­Over 40 people were arrested during pre-emptive raids. Silkie Carlo, a student from Cambridge whose friend was arrested, shared her views on the matter with RT.“What the police are doing in London today is fascist! I know it’s a strong word, but I don’t use it lightly,” Carlo stated. “There’ve been nearly 50 pre-crime arrests, which is not something you come to expect of a democracy. And these people were just voicing their opinion and opposing the monarchy.”Millions of British pounds were spent on the wedding preparations, security and the ceremony itself. Carlo believes this is royally inappropriate.“We live in a very unfair system,” she said. “Cakes at the wedding cost around $133 per slice; nearly 24 million British pounds have been spent on security –the money was taken from public funds mainly. And at the same time, there are cuts being made for disabled people and students.”For some people, the wedding has bolstered good feelings toward the royal family, but generally the event has been over-hyped, Carlo says.“But there also are a lot of people who do not care,” she said. “For them, the monarchy symbolizes colonialism, imperialism and poverty.”“The police’s behavior is outrageous. Instead of listening to those who oppose the monarchy, they are shutting these people up. It’s like snatch and grab – and there have been a number of such arrests,” she continued. “I’m glad there are people who protest, we are supposed to protect free speech in this country! And today’s wedding doesn’t seem to be a celebration of love, but rather a symbol of wealth.”