Progress heading to ISS

The “Progress” Soyuz rocket has blasted off from the Baikonur launch pad in Kazakhstan and is headed towards the ISS to deliver supplies.

Launched as planned at 14:57 Moscow time, the rocket will reach the ISS in five days. It is loaded with 2.5 tons of cargo. Apart from fuel, food and technical equipment, it includes parcels from psychologists, clothes for the crew, fresh fruit and vegetables.

The youngest member of the crew, Roman Romanenko, will also receive a present for his 38th birthday, which he will celebrate in orbit on August 8.

Meanwhile, U.S. astronauts Christopher Cassidy and Thomas Marshburn were out for a spacewalk. They ventured out for a 7.5-hour trip to mount new batteries on the station’s side panels.

That's one hour longer than usual, and was the fourth spacewalk for the most recent arrivals at the ISS.