Other countries strive for recognition following UN court’s decision on Kosovo

The International Court of Justice’s recent ruling that Kosovo’s declaration of independence was legitimate has sparked reaction from two other states which are also seeking acknowledgment.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia say the court's decision confirms the double standards of Western countries over their right to independence.

Abkhazia's Prime Minister Sergey Shamba says the two republics have more of a right to their own sovereignty than Kosovo.

“The precedent confirms a people’s right to determine their own identity, at the same time giving our arguments more weight,” Shamba told RT. “On the other hand, it is all politicized and we cannot be sure that if we went to The Hague we would get a similar ruling.”

“We probably wouldn’t, in spite of the fact that we have more historical, legal and moral grounds to demand independence than Kosovo,” he added. “Double standards do exist – it’s not a secret to anyone. In any case, people who object to our independence will now find it difficult to openly claim that we do not have the right to determine our own standing.”