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10 Sep, 2007 04:31

Oldest DJs on Earth - Russian

Two Russian DJs, said to be the oldest in the country and even in the world, are filling dance floors both here and in Europe. Free vinyl records, given away with the publication, are still used by the DJs when mixing it up.

DJ Boris and DJ Georgiy prove that age is nothing more than a number and getting older can be fun. They're both in their seventies, notching up a grand total of over 140 years between them.  

They're both involved in the project, DJs Krugozory. The project refers to the old Soviet entertainment magazine “Krugozor”. It was created in 1999, by the music producer, Oleg Nesterov. He cast them in a video, for the song Old Age Never Ends. This is how it all began.

“I just thought it would be interesting to make a project with older people, because they're wonderful, they're beaming with their life experience and kindness,” said Oleg Nesterov, producer.

Among the fifty hopefuls for the main roles in the video, Oleg chose Boris and Georgiy to play DJs. What started out as an acting job turned into something of a career: It did not take long to turn them into professionals on the decks.   

DJ Boris samples and mixes vintage vinyl. DJ Georgiy is often called the go-go-grandpa, because of his fiery dance moves. His wife, Lidiya Stepanovna, totally supports him. They are both used to dancing in their free time. 

The duo, DJ Krugozory, is extraordinary not only because of the collective age of the two entertainers. The team also turned out to be a rather crazy, ideological mix.

“He is a pastor of a church, he wants to win me over to his side, but he's not gonna get me. I am a communist,” stated DJ Boris.

As for the pastor, DJ Georgy, well, he has his own reasons for spinning the decks.

“Once I asked Georgy what he liked most about being a DJ. And he recognized that, when he's dancing and watching young people in front of him, he is praying for them,” explained Oleg Nesterov, producer.

After having celebrated their 140th year collectively, DJs Krugozory still aren't ready to spin their last.