Occupy movement sees American social justice at stake

Demonstrators from the US-born Occupy movement marched on several West Coast ports on Monday, hoping to shut them down. And according to journalist Felipe Messina, the movement is showing just how flawed Americans think their political system is.

What is at stake here really is the social justice gains that have been made over the last century,” Messina told RT.

He explained that most of the significant progress in the United States has been achieved through direct action, such as general strikes and peaceful protests. And now, once again, “people are taking action into their own hands … sending a message to the system – to the power brokers in the country – that business as usual will not continue,” Messina said.

The people in the United States, as reflected by the Occupy Wall Street movement, really feel that the political process has broken down. The two major parties here don’t represent the people."

However, with tent camps being dismantled by the authorities across the country, some fear the movement could be losing steam.

The ability for the Occupy movement to maintain its mobility and its momentum will be really the question,” Messina noted.