NATO ready to warn Moscow about aerial threats

A new NATO radar early warning system being set up by Poland, Norway and Turkey will share its information on airborne threats with Russia.

The trilateral initiative will be headquartered in Warsaw, Bogdan Klich, Polish Defence Minister, said on April 23.

"This centre will certainly be created. We consider it to be an important element of cooperation with our partners in the East," the Polish PAP news agency quoted the country’s Defence Minister.

The network will monitor airspace above NATO’s eastern frontiers and the Warsaw command centre will collect data transmitted from radars located in Poland, Turkey and Norway. It will then inform Moscow, in the event of an airborne danger.

In return, Moscow is expected to share with NATO its own information on aerial menaces to the territories of the alliance.

The project is an example of thawed ties between Russia and NATO, said Bogdan Klich.