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29 Jul, 2009 17:02

Murderous Major’s victim denied compensation

A Moscow court has dismissed a claim brought by one of the victims of a police officer’s shooting rampage which left three people dead and six injured.

The Russian Finance Ministry and the Moscow Government’s Finance Department were being sued based upon Major Denis Yevsyukov wearing his police uniform when shooting at people in a supermarket in April this year, plus he used the cartridge that was issued by his department.

Since the injury was inflicted by an official, reparation of damages must be paid from the coffer of the state and the constituent territory of the federation, according to the law, the plaintiff’s lawyer also said.

Lawyers for the ministries objected, though, saying that the responsibility for the massacre should fully rest with Yevsyukov, as the immediate perpetrator.

They also said that the lawsuit against Yevsyukov is premature as there is an ongoing criminal case against him, with the investigation still continuing and, hence, with no guilty verdict having yet been reached.

Yevsyukov, himself, was not present at the hearing. He is reportedly undergoing a psychiatric examination, though its results are not yet known.

Gerasimenko’s lawyer said they would appeal the decision and might pursue the lawsuit as high as the European Court of Human Rights.

The plaintiff, Ilya Gerasimenko, is one of the victims injured by the ex-head of a Moscow district police department during the murderous spree. Gerasimenko suffered two gunshot wounds, in his head and in his stomach, and has sought some $160,000 in compensation.

One more lawsuit against Yevsyukov was brought by Luiza Salikhova, who was shot in the face and wants $140,000 in compensation.

The tragedy evoked a wide public response in Russia and Yevsyukov was dismissed following the shooting incident.