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20 Oct, 2009 14:20

Moscow store massacre cop was also a robber – lawyer

A full version of CCTV video has been released showing a senior Moscow cop shooting at people in a store. According to the victims’ lawyer, before the massacre, Major Yevsyukov had robbed the supermarket several times.

On April 27 this year, Denis Yevsyukov (who was allegedly drunk) dropped into a night shop, killing two people and injuring seven in a gun rampage.

The video was uploaded on the website of the lawyer and shows the policeman calmly reloading his pistol as he walks down one of the grocery aisles.

According to the lawyer, Igor Trunov, district police inspector Yevsyukov was robbing the supermarket before he launched a shooting spree. He used to load a trolley with food and leave the shop without paying for the purchase, telling the shop personnel that resistance to police is punishable.

Trunov also called for questioning the staff of other shops located in the Tsaritsyno precinct, in order to find out if Yevsyukov had robbed them as well, since it’s hardly believable he was “shopping” only in the “Ostrov” supermarket.

The lawyer, quoted by ITAR-TASS, also said no fingerprints had been found on the gun Yevsyukov was shooting with.

"The fingerprints on the pistol, cartridges and the clip have not been found," Igor Trunov said. So, he said, if the fingerprints were removed, the question is who did it and what for?