Blizzard replaces freezing rain in Moscow

A blizzard has struck Moscow following a devastating freezing rain and worsened the situation on the roads.

­It began Wednesday morning and was continuing throughout the day, forcing people to spend hours stuck in traffic, instead of wrapping New Year presents for their loved ones. 

Some have spent nearly 5 hours in their cars. At noon the situation on the road was considered extremely difficult – 8 points out of a possible 10. 

Traffic jams in Moscow on Wednesday evening reached 3,200 km, which is equal to the distance between the Russian capital and Spain's Barcelona, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports.

Forecasters say that more icy rain is expected in Moscow and the city could be in for even more dramatic weather.

Earlier in the weekend freezing rains hit the capital and its suburbs, paralyzing two main Moscow air hubs and forcing thousands to spend a few days at the airports.

With the forecast promising more severe snowfalls and freezing rain in the region, there is a threat that heavy snow will cover trees and power lines already coated by ice, causing even more damage.