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23 Jun, 2009 09:20

Moscow docs help miracle birth

Miracles come in all shapes and sizes. Nona Mulginova was told she couldn't become a mother because of her health condition, but some are now describing the birth of her healthy boy Richard a medical miracle.

For 16 years, Nona Mulginova couldn't have children after she twice contracted meningitis, as well as heart problems and with her weight of around 200 kilos. In spite of everything she has become a mother.

“It's a miracle! When I was being operated on during the birth I think half of the people in the surgery room had tears on their eyes. I was never supposed to have had children,” says Nona Mulginova.

Nona was told the baby could kill her, but decided to go ahead anyway and spent seven months of her pregnancy in hospital.

”I'm very grateful to all the doctors who looked after my daughter and my grandson. They saved their lives! They're not doctors – they are miracle workers,” says Nona's mother, Anna.

Nona was treated by a whole team of doctors, including the head gynecologist of Moscow. By the end of her pregnancy she weighed 235 kilos.

“I've treated overweight patients before. But never like Nona, with her weight and her illnesses. I'm going to remember it for the rest of my life,” says Semyon Osipov, the doctor in charge of Nona's case.

Nona's legs are not strong enough and doctors say she will not be able to walk by herself for at least a year. This is a serious problem since her mother lives abroad and Nona is bringing up her son Richard alone in one room that she rents, but she says the most important thing is that her son was born healthy.

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