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5 Jun, 2009 14:33

Miraculous survival: woman gives birth during brain operation

A rare case in medical practice has amazed doctors in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg: a woman not only miraculously survived a brain seizure, but also gave birth to a child.

Yulia Shumakova’s son was born prematurely – two and a half months before time – and weighed only two kilos. Still, doctors say that it’s incredible luck he survived at all, as the struggle for his and his mother’s lives was really hard.

“They don’t usually live with this diagnosis”

Twenty-four year old Yulia nearly lost consciousness after a day’s work. When she came home, her husband called the ambulance. She was 32 weeks pregnant at that time.

At the hospital it was revealed that she had a bad seizure in the brain, and her pregnancy made the case even more difficult.

“Honestly speaking, I didn’t believe at that point that she would survive,” her husband Aleksandr confessed.

“I spoke to the doctors – they said such diagnosis led to death in 96 per cent of cases. People die in the ambulance, and almost never make it to the hospital”.

Double risk

Trying to save the lives of both mother and child, doctors agreed to taking a double risk: an operation on the brain and a Caesarian Section. However, the doctors didn’t deny that the situation was critical.

Contractions started at the very moment when the surgeons put the clamp on the aneurism.

“The boy was born prematurely – but he was born alive! He started crying right away,” recalls Galina Bragina, obstetrician.

Doctors said everything was going to be alright with the baby.

The mother could hug her son only two months after the operation, and the father was the first of the family to see the child. But thanks to her husband, Yulia could have a look at her miraculously-born baby earlier, as Aleksandr had filmed their beloved son on his mobile phone.