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Man linked with Politkovskaya murder detained

Another suspect has been detained in connection with the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya. According to a report in the Russian newspaper ‘Komsomolskaya Pravda’, a former Chechen official, Shamil Burayev, is being questioned in connection with the

Saturday's news of the arrest of the new suspect came, as it turned out, with a two-day delay. It's believed the suspect was arrested on Thursday, two days before news of it emerged, although police and prosecutors have not confirmed this.

Shamil Burayev, a former Chechen official, was arrested while he was driving in Moscow. According to the article, his arrest warrant was issued by the Basmanny District Court. He is apparently suspected of organising Politkovskaya's murder.

Referring to an unnamed source among law enforcement officials, 'Komsomolskaya Pravda' says investigators came upon Burayev's name during the interrogation of of former FSB officer Lieut. Col. Pavel Ryaguzov last Wednesday.

This is just the latest twist in a troubled case closely monitored by the Russian and Western press as well as by human rights organisations.

Last month Russia's Prosecutor General Yury Chayka announced Anna Politkovskaya's assassination had been organised by a criminal group involving ethnic Chechens as well as former police and FSB officers specialising in contract killings.

Journalist Anna Politkovskaya was gunned down inside the entrance to the apartment block where she rented a flat on October 7 last year.

During the last months of her life, she's thought to have been investigating human rights violations in the Chechen republic. Her former colleagues have suggested her activities in this area could be connected to her death.