Lib Dems say Lugovoy will contest Duma seat

Russia's Liberal Democrats claim Andrey Lugovoy is to represent them in December's parliamentary elections. Party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky says the businessman will be number two on the LDPR list.

“I head the party election list. Andrey Lugovoy will be number two. He is a victim. He came under attack by the British intelligence,” claimed Mr Zhirinovsky.

Mr Lugovoy declined to comment on the news to Russia Today. However he told Echo Moskvi radio station in February that he has no political ambitions.

Andrey Lugovoy is a Russian businessman, wanted in the UK in connection with the death of former security officer Aleksandr Litvinenko.

Russia is refusing to extradite him, saying Lugovoy could be tried at home, if Britain provided enough evidence.

However, if Lugovoy is elected to Parliament, he would automatically become immune to prosecution.