Unexpected fresh meat: official finds worm in his salad

Dinner at the Kremlin usually offers the very best for those lucky enough to be invited. But a recent banquet had a rather unexpected guest: a worm made its way onto a platter.

The discovery was made by the governor of the Tver region in central Russia, Dmitry Zelenin, who got rather more than he expected when tucking into his salad.

It happened during a reception hosted by President Dmitry Medvedev for German President Christian Wulff.

The governor rushed to post a picture of the worm enjoying himself on a heap of salad on his Twitter account, although the picture was later deleted.

But far from complaining, the governor said the unexpected ingredient showed that at least the salad was extremely fresh.

The fate of the worm is unknown.

“The leaders of the country prefer healthy food these days,” said the Kremlin’s head chef Anatoly Galkin. “They eat more vegetables, green foods, less meat, less fat. So they are really into healthy eating.”