Kosovo's future in balance as clock runs down

The UN troika of negotiators – Russia, the EU and the US – are set to submit their report on the future of Kosovo to the UN ahead of the December 10 deadline. But UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is not too optimistic about its recom

“As I understand, the latest round of talks has not produced any concrete results,” he said.

The Secretary General met Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic to hear Belgrade's position on the future of the breakaway province.

Speaking after the meeting, Jeremic said the UN chief was “very concerned” with the lack of progress.  He said Ban Ki-moon vowed to “uphold the values and the principles of the United Nations and the adherence of himself and his office to the Security Council resolutions”.
Serbia and Kosovo's ethnic Albanians failed to reach consensus in the last round of talks.
Kosovo's politicians say they'll declare independence from Serbia on Monday – the date set by the UN for an agreement on the province's status.
To head off potential violence, NATO Foreign Ministers are discussing security measures in Kosovo ahead of the deadline.