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15 Sep, 2009 23:22

Kindergarten battle royal

Kindergarten battle royal

Some 200 children together with day-care assistants had to be evacuated from kindergarten after one family decided to have it out with another because of the scuffle between their underage offspring.

A quarrel between a 6-year-old girl, Polina, and a boy named Sasha of the same age began with childish devilry: Sasha provoked Polina, so the latter complained to her grandfather.

Everyone surely remembers a similar story from his or her own childhood. And nothing special happened ever happened, right? Not in this case.

The girl’s grandfather and grandmother both worked in the same children’s school, and when told by that the naughty boy tried to “strangle” her, the grandparents rushed to the rescue. Polina’s grandfather proceed to give the underage thug a profanity-laced educational discourse on his misdeed.

The boy naturally got scared, and upon seeing his condition, a teacher called his father and told him what had happened. In short order both the boy’s father and mother came to the scene in a great hurry to defend their son.

The affray between Sasha’s furious father and Polina’s indignant grandfather began the moment they saw each other. After exchanging insults and blows they both hit the ground, which pushed the Sasha’s mother mace each and everyone on the scene. The use of the tear gas forced the school personnel to evacuate the children and call the police, who apprehended both families’ scrappers on the spot.

The parties now blame each other, but the police have sworn to investigate the punchfest and sort things out.