4 killed in North Caucasus terrorist attacks

Two explosions in the Russian republics of Dagestan and Ingushetia have killed four and left thirteen injured.

An explosion in Dagestan killed four policemen and left another three injured. As a Dagestan official says a land-mine went off while the officers were working out at a school sports ground in the town of Kizil-Yurt.

The men are being treated in hospital where one of them is said to be in a grave condition.

Investigators are at the scene trying to establish the circumstances surrounding the blast.

In the other Russian republic of Ingushetia 10 people have been injured in a blast during a funeral.

It happened in a cemetery near the town of Nazran where a local teacher and her children were being buried.

They had been murdered in their home two days before by an unknown gunman.

Seven people were taken to hospital, four of them were said to be local policemen.

The blast happened as the last of the funeral procession was entering the cemetery.

The Ingushetian Prosecutor General said he would personally oversee the investigation into the explosion.