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Kidnapped children safely released

Two children, kidnapped in St. Petersburg in May, have been returned safely to their family without paying any ransom or police special operation. The brother and sister, 7-year-old Dmitry and 11-year-old Aleksandra Borodulina, were snatched in May when t

Aleksandra Borodulina was released six days ago. Three days later, her younger brother Dmitry was set free too. He was left at an agreed location after 45 days of captivity.

Both children have very rich parents. The Borodulins are involved in the real estate business in St Petersburg and are well known in the city. The kidnappers also knew the family's address.

The pair were snatched on May 15 after their father Pavel was attacked outside the family home. They were taken by car and kept in an unknown location.

The kidnappers made contact with the head of the journalistic investigation agency, Andrey Konstantinov, and demanded a $US 1 MLN ransom.

“We wanted the girl to be released first and the boy to follow. That's because the girl is older and could be more of a danger to the criminals as a witness. We offered them a plan and even found the money,” Andrey Konstantinov informed.

Banker Andrey Lebedev was introduced to the kidnappers. He is a former police officer and that's why he was less emotional while negotiating.  
“I said: we have money – you have children. Let's exchange! Let's take away the emotions. Let's just work. It's very simple: a girl – a million – a boy,” explained Andrey Lebedev.

The kidnappers accepted the plan proposed but, for an unknown reason, refused the money. An inquiry has begun into the kidnappers motives.