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ISS orbit corrected

The International Space station has moved to a higher orbit as it prepares to dock with the US space shuttle Endeavor, which is due to blast off in two weeks time.

The operation supervised from the Russian Mission Control Centre required no help from onboard crew members.

It's now in orbit around 330 kilometers above the Earth.

Earlier, Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin and NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson successfully carried out their spacewalk. During the walk, two large pieces of junk were hurled from the station into open space and towards the Earth.

Officials say the released trash poses no threat to the planet.

Most of it is expected to burn up once it enters the atmosphere, while small chunks are likely to hit the ocean.

For Clayton Anderson, it was his first time in outer space.

During the Endeavor's mission to the ISS the astronauts will make three more space walks to continue upgrading the station.