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Interview with Sergey Korolev

There was huge controversy when the former Amateur International Boxing Association’s vice president Eduard Husainov was suspended following allegations of that he had terrorist connections. Now he's suing the international boxing governing body, an

Sergey Korolev is Eduard Husainov's lawyer.  In an exclusive interview with Russia Today, Mr Korole spoke about the allegations against his client.

Russia Today: Mr Kovalev, will you tell us about the circumstances preceding and surrounding the case?

Sergey Korolev.: We have several cases ongoing.  One of them is at the International Sport Arbitration in Lausanne. Presently we do not have the date of the final hearing but I think it will be settled this week. Also, we have other proceedings in Lausanne. Probably today we will have a civil and two criminal proceedings. As for the criminal cases, one of them is being brought against Mr Wu, the AIBA President, who in February this year accused Eduard Husainov of  having terrorist links.

RT: One of his demands is one Swiss Franc in damages. Accusing someone of being a terrorist is a pretty harsh thing to say. Can you expand on this a little?

S.K.: There are several explanations I can think of. First, the case is not being tried in the United States.  Swiss law doesn’t allow big awards in such cases. Besides, our barristers advised us to proceed this way to produce a favourable impression in court. Some go to court to get money, others – to prove you are an honest man. In the latter case you only get a symbolic monetary award,  such as one franc. And this is what we were bearing in mind.