Interview with Semyon Bagdasarov

Semyon Bagdasarov, the Director of the Institute of Research of Islam, talked to Russia Today on the new deadline set by the Security Council on Iran to stop uranium enrichment.

Russia Today: We have the U.S. and the UK together calling for harsher and tougher sanctions on Iran. Do you see that this is a unified perspective among the international community?

Semyon Bagdasarov: I think it is not so, though there is a certain closing of the positions of some countries, including permanent members of the UN Security Council, on a number of questions concerning Iran. The matter is that Iran has chosen a tough position and does not make any concessions. Naturally, such countries as Russia and China are forced to change their positions in one way or another. At the same time those countries have different interests in Iran. The U.S. and the UK consider Iran as an excessively hostile country, they actually do not have any economic ties with. Moreover, the U.S. and the UK are withstanding Iran